Monday, June 11, 2007

Colin Cowherd makes a point

I love listening to Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio. He makes some great points about culture. This morning he was talking about the final episode of the Sopranos (which I didn't see) - and he commented that it was great because it stayed true to itself - it didn't wrap everything up, it didn't tie up all the loose ends, it didn't try to meet everyone's expectation. It stayed true to itself, and that is its beauty. Too often in the world shows or restaurants try to cater to the consumer - but the Sopranos just did what they wanted to with their show, they remained true to what they do. They didn't sell out.

This is the temptation we have to face over and over within the Church. There are the demands that people make, their are felt needs that people want to have fulfilled. We are tempted to sell Christianity, to tie up all the theological loose ends (and end up becoming Calvinists or Armineans). We are tempted to try to match what we do to what people want in terms of music or programs or worship.

The Church must remain what it is - sinners gathered around Christ's Word and Sacraments. If we lose that, we become worthless. The problem is - there is no final episode for the Church (well, there is, we just don't know when it comes) - the Church isn't an 88 episode run and if we can just hold out. . . no, the Church but be what it is on and on unto the end of time.

That's the beauty of the Church - that is its catholicity and apostolicity - that in all times and in all places the Church has given Christ to sinners who need Him - a Church that teaches Christ's doctrine to all. And boy, do we live in a day and age where this isn't appreciated. But it's never been appreciated, and people have always sought to corrupt the Church (look at the history of any century and you can see this in detail). Let's just be who we are in Christ.

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