Sunday, June 3, 2007

An Image to remember. . .

when pondering why people are so slow to adapt to the wonders of the Gospel.

Sunday mornings are actually sort of slow for me. Normally I'm up at Church during the week between 6:15 and 7. On Sundays, bible study starts at 9:30, church is at 10:45 - so I head to Church at 6:30 or so, get ready for the day - come back here, shower at 7:30, and watch Sportscenter and outside the lines at 8 and 8:30.

Well, I was sitting in my office looking at my computer - finding things on the internet - and I looked at the time - it was 7:55 - which meant I needed to hurry so I could get out and watch sportscent. . . and then I remembered that I own a laptop. I've had my laptop for a month. I have wireless internet. I can take my computer out into the front room and surf the net (I've done it before, I'm doing it now) - but I didn't think of it at first. Why? Because it wasn't what I was used to doing.

We are creatures of habit. So are the members of our congregation. There are things in your own life where you don't necessarily adapt to things on the spot - even things that you know in your head are wonderful and nice. Transitions take time. In my Church history study I'm getting ready to write about Luther's return to Wittenberg from the Wartburg. He came back because Karlstadt was pushing not only foolish changes, but changes too quickly. Even the best, even the smartest need time to adapt - and that is something that we need to remember when we get frustrated with people being slow. In many ways I am slow too - and I need to make allowances for them.


Emily said...

Hi Eric! I didn't know you had a blog! I don't know if you may remember me, but I know you'll remember my husband, Ben Harju. Congratulations on your impending marriage and save the Lord have mercy's for when you have kids!! :)
Ben and I both have blogs you're welcome to visit. You can find mine through the profile so I'll just give you Ben's:
Yours in Christ,

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Excellent - I hope the both of you are both doing well. The plan is for the kids to hold off for a bit for maybe 3 or 4 years until she gets out of Nursing school. It's wild to see Hastings -- and think Iowa. I used to be in Hastings, Nebraska all the time.

Emily said...

Yeah, we were at the Cosgraves in Neb. and they asked where we were from. They had never even heard of Hastings Iowa. But I'm not suprised; the town only has a railroad track and a post office - pretty small!