Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ten Truths of Practical Theology

One of the things I made while in college was the list of my "fundamental truths of life." I have decided that I should do one for matters of practical theology - and here they are.

1 - The more you grow in the faith, the more you see sin in yourself.
2 - The more you grow in the faith, the more you see Christ (and vice versa).
3 - In the world, you long to grow up - in the church, you long to be a child.
4 - A preacher's task is this - YOU preach THE WORD to your PEOPLE.
5 - We today face the same problems the Church has always faced (i.e. Satan Recycles).
6 - Praise never brings comfort.
7 - Always look on the dark side of life - do doot, doo do da do da doot (i.e. share in sufferings, don't treat them as petty things).
8 - Christians always tend towards legalism or antinomianism.
9 - Sin desires to be lord - love serves the neighbor as though he were the Lord.
10 - A pastor should never try to be liked or try to be disliked.

Those are the truths of the practical aspects of theology - they will be discussed in due course.

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