Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Truth #10

10 - A pastor should never try to be liked or try to be disliked.

This is something I like to just keep in mind when I make decisions. It isn't my job to try to be liked or disliked. These are two pitfalls that exist. The first is much more obvious - if I make decisions just so people will like me and think, "Oh, that Pastor Brown, what a nice guy" - I'm not doing what I should. If I'm trying to make people like me - then I'm manipulating them (or one could say seducing them) and the focus shifts to me. Even more insidious is the simple fact that it won't work. Not everyone at a congregation wants or likes the same thing - so if you are trying to make everyone happy, you'll be talking out of both sides of your mouth. Only Christ and His Word is to come out of your mouth, and that straight, right down the middle.

And there is the otherside - a pastor shouldn't try to be disliked. Some people rub us the wrong way. It happens. We are not to act to "show them" or put them in their place. Now, we may act in spite of their dislike (in fact we have to), we may upset people - but that should never be our goal. We aren't children to be poking our brother or sister to annoy them - we should be the voice of logos instructing in wisdom. Which means I can't take anything personally. I must disattach myself from the criticism I receive for doing my duty. Of course, I ought to do that for all criticism that is unfounded, but especially in my office as Pastor.

My job is to serve - not please, not tweak. Keep your eye to the task.

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L P Cruz said...

hehe, you do not have to try to be disliked, it will come naturally.