Friday, June 15, 2007

Truth #3

3 - In the world, you long to grow up - in the church, you long to be a child.

When I was a little kid, I would often put on my dad's shoes and walk around in them. I was concerned with how much I was growing, how much bigger I was getting. I was always looking ahead to the next milestone. And this increases as one becomes an older child - as anyone with a teen will attest to. We want to "grow up" - we want to be adults - we want to be the ones who say what we do and when we do it. As a kid when we think of being an "adult" - we think of control and power and independence. In fact, many people spend their entire life in this same tracking, always wanting more power and control and independence .

This is opposite in the Church. I again long to be a child. I long for the days when I would hear the Word and simply believe, when I would hear and simply trust. Now, my reason kicks in - doubts kick in. I chuckle when I hear people talk about how kids have to be very old and mature and intelligent before they can understand the supper - poppycock! While I may not have been able to pontificate on its wonders when I was 7, while I may not have read Chemnitz yet - I knew what the Supper was and simply trusted. Period.

Christ holds up as the image of faith a little child - and rightfully so. I crave power and control and independence - and none of these things are good for me. My lust for power is selfish, my control is hatred, and independence is an excuse not to show love. At least when I was a kid I knew there were things I couldn't do on my own yet. Hence Law and Gospel - to show by the Law that we still do run around like spoiled brats and to show by the Gospel that the old Sunday School answer is indeed the right one. To simply trust in Jesus, that is what I desire. That is hard to do - Lord I believe, help my unbelief!

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