Monday, June 4, 2007

You are not God

The reading for Matins today dealt with the death of Lazarus. It's interesting - Jesus waits, He delays in going to see Lazarus, so that Lazarus will end up dying. And why? So that the Son of Man may be glorified. And so we are taught. We are taught and reminded that we are not God.

Our perspective is quite often limited - and we do not see what God is doing with His permissive will all the time. With Lazarus, Jesus is able to teach directly that He is the Resurrection and the Life. But what is taught with tragedy in our own lives? What witness (and I use this word even though most of the time it makes me shudder) are we able to give in times of tragedy? What people are brought together by tragedy in ways in which they wouldn't have been brought together. All things really do work to the good of Christians.

If only we believed this all the time. Of course, that won't happen until heaven when we no longer had to worry about our sinful flesh, but oh well. Occasionally we need to be reminded that we are not God - that's part of being prepared for trials in life.

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