Friday, July 13, 2007

Off to convention

Well, I am getting ready to head off to convention. I will swing by the "other side of the pulpit "on the way out to pick up a check from yet a third church for the national offering. I almost think I am to the point of excitement/nervous about the convention. Which is why I remind myself - what's the worst that could happen? Some egregious happens and I have to leave? So be it. And then also, what's the best that could happen? Good officials get elected - so we have a synod split down the middle and filled with many folks who need to be trained for years to come . . . but with good officials.

Conventions do not make or break the Church. They might break a synod, but not the Church. And not my congregation. I will go and do my duty - and enjoy seeing many old friends. But this will be just one part of the long road for Lutheranism that lies ahead of us in this country.

This isn't quite a fatalist view - but rather an attempt at being moderated in terms of emotions - neither too high nor too low. Oh well, I best go off to my week long voters meeting. I think Hall was one of the ones who suggested me for this - maybe I'll beat him on my way out. And beat him three years from now if I get elected again (which I probably wouldn't mind).

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