Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What the Law Is and Isn't

I think sometimes we may get confused as to what the Law is. The Law isn't me showing anger. The Law isn't a Pastor stating that you aren't doing what I want. The Law isn't a frown or a warning. The Law IS the Word of God.

The Law should be clear - there should be no question of "what did I do" or "so why is X so bad." Clarity comes from one place - the clear Word of God. In fact, imho the Law is best when delivered impersonally and dispassionately - Well, this is what God's Word clearly states - and you aren't doing it, are you?

Preaching the Law is hard - because when properly preaching the Law we can't take shortcuts. We can't rely on the authority of our office, or "because I said so." The Law must be clear from the Word - and we have to spell it out step by step. Why? Because it is the Law that crushes - not we ourselves, not our authority, not our strength. When we preach the Law we must be sure of two things - first, that we get out of the way, drawing no attention to ourselves but rather placing it all upon the Word. Second, that we are sure we are actually speaking LAW, and not our own desires - and showing from Scripture is a safe guard against this. If we remember this, our use of the Law will be clear and proper - otherwise we are just spouting off.

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