Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Read a little Luther

How often we forget our own advice when things come crashing down upon us!

So, the last few weeks many of us have been all aflutter over things going on in Synod - the whole Issues etc thing, and then also the whole specter of trashy doctrine trying to overwhelm us -- do we not realize this is nothing new?

What I have been doing this morning (for my Church History Class) is looking over Luther's 2nd Galatians Lectures - and the introduction and the first lecture is so appropriate and so comforting to the fears and trials we are facing right now. So read. I often say that we would be a lot better off if we read more Luther - I had forgotten to read myself.

So - you may head to this site and take a look at the introduction and the lecture on Chapter 1:1-3 (and then read on if so inclined) and be comforted - and reminded of what it is that we preach, why we preach it, and why it shouldn't be surprising that it is opposed.

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