Monday, August 4, 2008

Never act out of fear

Scripture says that perfect love casts out fear. As such - a Christian ought never act out of fear. Our actions are not to be based on fear of what is to come, worry, what have you.

Every decision, every action you take - fear is to not be a factor. Why? Because if you are acting out of fear, you won't be seeking to show love. Simple as that.

Think on the times you have made decisions because of fear and or terror. Do they show love? Are they done well? Nope. Be calm, be focused on Christ - and act in peace and hope and love. Christ is in charge, He is in control - decide what is given to you with peace and calm. Never act out of fear of what might come, but with love and hope and the desire to use the gifts God has given you for the sake of your neighbor.

This is the Christian life.


Thursday's Child said...


The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

My "old man" is going.."but..but...but"

One time, our car caught on fire. No one was hurt, but it meant the end of our one car. I went into the church (because that was where we were), and I was about ready to start sobbing and freaking out...when I just started praying "God, you know we need a car." (and yes, all worked out).

I wish I had that kind of faith all the time, but that Old Man rears his ugly head to be drowned more often than I like.