Monday, September 29, 2008

Nothing worse than pride

Is there anything more dangerous to the Christian than pride? Pride is the most subtle of all the temptations Satan throws our way - for it can creep in and we don't view it as that deadly or dangerous. If one wakes up in Vegas hung over and surrounded by a myriad of cheap hookers (I've been reading much Luther - deal with the blunt language) - one knows right away that one has done wrong. If your brother's blood is upon your hands, it is hard to deny your sin.

But pride - ah, subtle pride. Pride points out how wonderful you are. See how hard you work for God? See, you resist such vile of temptations (no prostitutes for you!). Are you not just a good, fine, Christian? There is only room for one who is wonderful in our lives - either you view Christ as the One is is wonderful, and wonderful to you and for you - or in your pride you will see yourself as wonderful.

Pride wrests our eyes off of Christ, off of the Cross, off of His glories, and places it upon ourselves. And the danger is - sure, it's good that I show love. So what? I am still a miserable sinner deserving of hell for all the others of my offenses. Be gone, pride, and lure me not to hell out of self love!

I think this is why I dislike talking about "my" works in terms of good works. Soli Deo Gloria! To God alone be the glory! Speak nothing about what I have done! Tempt me not with pride! If we must speak of what I have done - let me speak of my filth and wretchedness, that I might repent of it! Let us speak of how our righteousness is as but filthy rags - that I may take no pride their in.

If I wish to work on works, if I desire to improve my life, as I ought, let me rather focus on, by the power and love of God, beating down and breaking my old Sinful Adam and all that which hinders me from doing what should be natural to me, and will be natural to me in the resurrection. We are made to be mirrors of Christ, reflecting His image by simple virtue of the fact that we are made in His image. Lord, polish me clean! Remove the stain and spots, o Lord, and I will shine.

But defend me from pride - lest I once again pour filth on what you have made clean. Lord have mercy!

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