Thursday, September 25, 2008

We never grow up.

And no, I'm not talking about the fact that I ended up playing golf on the XBOX 360 last night - but I think we forget that as people, while we are on this earth, we are never fully mature, we never fully grow up. All too often we still end up running around like teenagers, doing what we want to do without any concern for how it will impact others (or even us). We will rebel against the will of our Heavenly Father (which is why the 3rd petition - Thy Will Be Done - is so often a prayer against our sinful flesh) and "cop an attitude" - or at least that's what I can see in myself. I could sulk then, and man, if I ain't ending up doing the same things today (yes - ain't is a proper contraction for "am not").

Actually, here's some advice. Do you want to know what kind of Christian you are now? Think back to high school - what kind of person were you then? Were you a smarmy, know-it-all? Hmmmm, check and see if you don't delight in how wonderful you are - while looking down on your neighbor. Were you apathetic? Check and see if you don't strive to do good works. Were you ready for a fight at all times? Check and see if you are failing to be eager to love your neighbor (and then there's that whole turning the other check).

We never, while in this life, outgrow the weaknesses of our sinful flesh - and as we are all different, we all have different weaknesses that come along with that sinful flesh. And yes, we might, by discipline and self control put a lid on some of it - but if you want the mirror for what you are probably really like - think back on high school.

Hmmm. . . Luther's last words were along the line of "We are all beggars before God." Maybe mine will be "We are all spoiled brats before God." Actually - probably not. I was absent minded and forgetful as a teen - and guess what. . . I still am. Thus - Lord have mercy upon me!

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Pastor D said...

As always a most excellent post.