Sunday, October 19, 2008

Get out of God's Way

I find I have an approach to Good Works that is completely backwards of most people. I simply focus on trying to get out of God's way. My reasoning is this. I am God's workmanship - made for good works that God has prepared for me to walk in. Hence, my focus shouldn't be on trying to figure what minute detail of life God wants for me, or even angsting about what I should do. God's got that all set up.

No. . . what I need to do is find and beat down my sin, to throttle that old Adam that fights against God's Will - I need to pray "Thy will be done" more often - I need to return to my baptism with contrition and repentance. I need to know the Cross so that I have no fear of my sin - I need to hear forgiveness so that I face down my sin with bold confidence in God's love for me.

I need to know my sin. I need to know my weaknesses. I need to know how Satan attacks me, Eric Brown, an individual. And by God's strength I shall fight my own flesh. . . and guess what will happen? You take the clog out of the pipe and the water flows. I am God's new creation in Christ Jesus - how can I not do His works?

God grant me strength to tame my flesh and bend it to Thine will!

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