Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not just a political heretic - I'm a nerd.

Oh, yes - and I am really jazzed over Star Wars: The Old Republic - which won't be out for quite some time.

This has absolutely not theological import whatsoever. . . but my fellow nerds out there - when this approaches - let's make sure we are all on the same server.


Christopher D. Hall said...

You know, I have never played a MMORPG. I've been scared to play WoW because I want to keep my job and my wife. And I am cheap enough to feel ripped off by buying a game and then paying a monthly fee.

But I think it could be cool. KOTR was awesome.

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

I played WOW for a bit. . . and it was enjoyable, but I like playing games by myself too much. I had a good bud from Seminary whom I would play with (and his wife). The problem was. . . this was their social time event. . . and my wife didn't jump in. This meant they were much, much better than me. . . both in ability to play and in character level.

Plus, the fact that you couldn't pause and had to pay each month. . . annoyed me.

However - do check out the website. They claim you can do a lot of the game by yourself - but they want the individual stories of characters to intermesh. When it comes out - if you grab it we need to make sure we are on the same server.