Monday, November 10, 2008

Thoughts that come every Novemeber

November can be a rough time here. It's the beginning of two months of somewhat less popular hymns. The traditional end of the year hymns aren't as popular. . . and then I am an old crotchety pastor who insists on singing Advent hymns in Advent.

Now, I can understand the whole wanting Christmas stuff in Advent. That's the way society goes. Shoot, there is Christmas stuff up in some places already (it seems like the worse the economy is, the sooner the Christmas decorations come out). But why, why would the discussion of the End times be so difficult.

And again, I think this is a reflection of Western Culture. We focus so much on this life, stuff now, live to enjoy life. Any thoughts of things coming to an end can bring terror (even if we are moving on to something better). The idea of the end, the idea even of death, bring such abject fear -- and so much of the Christian faith is directly meant to counter this.

That's why November should be such a month of comfort. Look - God will rescue me like He did Noah and Lot. Look - I will be brought to heaven with all the sheep. Look - I am welcomed to the eternal marriage feast of the Lamb. What fantastic comfort!

Would that we saw the comfort of the end!

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