Monday, December 8, 2008

When life gives you lemons

. . . start writing sermons! And that is what I did, when the church alarm went off at 4 this morning, and I had to trudge over and make sure that, yes, in fact, it was just a gust of wind blowing a door open.

But here I was, up (and awakened by the brisk air) at 4 in the morning. And even as I woke up, I had the. . . urge. I get it on occasion. The urge to write. This is the same urge that would have me pull all nighters 3 weeks before a paper was due - the time to write had come, and so I would write. And I'll end up being focused and writing very clearly and quickly on things I have been thinking about.

The past few days I had been thinking about the Sunday Advent sermons would tie together and also about how to tie up the Advent midweek. Thus, I have now finished rough drafts of three sermons this morning - some 4700+ words of sermonage. Oh, and I did my weekly e-mail devotional as well.

And now, as expected - I'm a drained. Drained, but productive. I have a feeling the rest of the day will be a bit. . . blurred though. Oh well, thus is life!

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