Sunday, January 11, 2009

300 - Things we do not like

For the 300 hundredth post (THIS. . . IS. . . GADFLY) - I was inspired a much more accomplished blogger - Pastor Weedon, and it is this post on closed communion that got me thinking - but here is my idea for this morning.

There will be things you don't like about the Christian faith. There ought to be. You are sinful. God is holy. In this life, things that God says rub against our grain. Now, I don't know what of the Christian faith will sit poorly with you - but something will. I don't like hell. Closed Communion can be hard. I don't like telling members of my family that they cannot commune because of their false confession. There are other things, some people don't like the 3rd article of the Creed (I believe cannot. . .what?). We could make a long list, I'm sure.

There will be something in the Christian faith that rubs you the wrong way - something you don't like, something you wish were difference. But we are not called to create a theology of our own devising, we are called to confess what God reveals in His Word about Himself, about ourselves, and the relationship between God and Man.

If you find that you like every idea in the faith, if you find that everything works precisely how you like it, if examining the Word of God never makes you uncomfortable in the slightest - you may have just fallen into heresy.

Just a thought for this morning.

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