Friday, January 23, 2009

The Shock to the System

Now, I will say that in some areas I have high hopes for President Obama. Personally, I love the plan to close Gitmo. I love the calls for transperancy. I love the fact that he's already starting to tangle with Pelosi and Reed in congress. However, there would be some bad.

Abortion funding has been reestablished. Embryonic Stem cell research gets a major green light.

Obama has the aire around him of being a president of hope - and there are many things that I do hope that he can accomplish - but we are to remember that no man is perfect, and there are places where he fails drastically. One of those is on the protection of human life, especially of the unborn variety.

Keep the president in your prayers, pray that he might grow in wisdom and compassion, but more so, be prepared to remain steadfast in your own defense of life, and be not swayed by popular swell. While the world and even our own government will accept what it will, we are called to follow the Word.

And this is nothing new - it's just that we in America have deluded ourselves into thinking that this is a Christian nation. It is not - it is a nation of the world, and thus as bound to the acceptance of sin and vice and horror as any other government. And we as Christians are called to be in the world but not of it - that means we are called to be in America, but not of the current American mindset when that mindset run contrary to God's Word.

Maybe the presidency and policy of Barrack Obama will be a blessing, and not in terms of whatever slice of his political hope that we happen to find appealing, but as a reminder to us of what we as Christians believe, teach, and confess -- and especially a reminder that what we believe is to be taught and confessed - rather than just assuming that people know it already.

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