Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A few thoughts this morning

1. "United" and "Untied" have radically different meanings for words where only two letters get transcribed - which often happens when I type quickly. This is why one proofreads a sermon, because to say that we are "untied" from Christ in Baptism would be vile heresy, vile, keyboard induced heresy.

2. While this may be blasphemous to some (not literally, religiously blasphemous, but culturally blasphmeous), I find Epiphany to be a more joyous season than Christmas. Christmas season is the time where we ponder the wondrous mystery that God becomes Man, that He takes up all the things that us Men take up, that He would take the march to the Cross for our sake. Wonderful - but it is tinged with the sorrows that He would have to face - the indignity of His lowly birth is but a foretaste of the indiginities which He will suffer for our sake - so there is a bittersweet nature to Christmas - God is with *us* -- in our messy life.

But then you get Epiphany. You get all nations celebrating. You get His Baptism, where you see "Ah, He IS God." You get the wedding at Cana, and "Ah, He REALLY, REALLY is God." You get the Transfiguration - and "Oh yes, He is True God, oh yes!"

Epiphany is the season where Christ reveals over and over that He is God -- the focus shifts from His Humanity to His Divinity - and there is nothing bittersweet about this. Epiphany is to Christmas and Advent as Easter is to Lent -- the trials and mess is conquered and finished, and the glory and wonder is revealed.

I like Epiphany much better than Advent and Christmas.

Of course, this may be partially because Epiphany means I don't have to try and do up bulletins and sermons for 5 bazillion services. It is nice to have one a week (although, to be honest, a midweek Divine service where the sermon was upon the Old Testament for the week would be quite awesome as well).

3. It is much nicer to be at work when the work computer has been purged of viruses.

Alright, there are the random thoughts for this morning. Now, to prep for the day of teaching - Latin and then the Psalms and then confirmation.


Bror Erickson said...

Yes it is nice to preach on the Old Testament once in awhile. I have taken to doing that for Advent and Lent services. I have tried to do it for the Children Sermons, but I think I am going to revert to teaching the Catechism during that time. Yes I do them, Children Sermons. I'm not sure the children learn too much, but they think their pastor is a great guy, because he gives them candy...

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Same here with the Children's sermons - but I am at least making them repeat back to me the Small Catechism. Maybe this will bear fruit when they hit confirmation class age.

Pastor D said...


Chrildren's sermons are for Adults...the kids are just used as props. Think about it there is plenty you can say in a children's sermon that you couldn't get away with any place else. And EVERY time I'm tempted not to do one I'm reminded of this one kid at Trinity, Lansing who is NOW a!