Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Zombie Day?

This morning I have seen this day of Easter referred to with the greeting of "Happy Zombie Day".

There are a few things to take from this - the crassness of it - the fact that public mockery of (or even public disagreement with) is generally condemned in our culture. . . unless you are mocking Christianity. But all of this does make a point.

We do live in a world of the walking dead. We do live in a world where many people shamble around looking for whatever satisfies their desires until the end where the best they can hope for is to simply stop. Sadly, it does seem rather zombie-ish tone to me.

But we who this day celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord this day are in fact alive. With our Lord we have already passed from this death of sin unto life. We were dead in trespasses - we are now alive in Christ. We were in bondage to sin and death - we have been set free by He who is the Way to Heaven, the Truth, and the Life Eternal which we now share with Christ.

This celebration of Easter that we of the Faith observe today is not just some historical footnote. It is not some passing happenstance. It is the reality of our lives, for now, wherever we go we show forth the love of Christ our Lord, and then on the Last Day, even though we should die, yet shall we live.

There are many passages of Scripture that one would hear, but on this, on the change and difference that this day brings in your own life - I would recommend this passage from Romans. A blessed Easter to all of you who enjoy your share of Life Everlasing in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Christ is risen - He is risen indeed, Alleluia.


Anonymous said...


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

No, no, silly Zombie - this is His Body. . . not just brains. If you are this unprepared, I'm going to have to not let you commune this day.

And stop drooling!

Jay Hobson said...

So instead of "Happy Zombie-Day", it's really "Happy-Zombie Day" where we are the happy zombies? :)

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Redeemed-Zombie day? Former-Zombie day?