Monday, May 17, 2010

1 John in Latin

By this Wednesday, Rebecca and Suzanna Davidson will have finished their 2nd year of Latin with me - and what we've done for the past 2 months is simply read 1 John. They will finish reading 1 John in Latin on this Wednesday. That is just really, really neat.


Rev. Josh Sullivan said...

I'm jealous. I'm trying to teach myself Latin from Wheelock 6th edition. Do you record your sessions, by any chance?

Father Hollywood said...

Here is a free PDF of Mark's Gospel in Latin in a reader format that is great for Latin students.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Josh:

You might want to take a break from Wheelock and give this a try. I'm having outstanding results with middle school kids, and yet the text is robust enough for college students.

It is fun and interesting, and based on reading and thinking in Latin rather than memorizing and translating. I can't recommend this enough.

I have other recommendations regarding this resource as well, if anyone wants to e-mail me at larrybeane "at" gmail "dot" com.

Bona fortuna!

Rev. Eric J Brown said...


What Father Hollywood recommends is what I am using to teach Latin - and as you have the charts in Wheelock as a resource, I'd recommend jumping to Lingua Latina in a heart beat. It's. . . fun. More fun than Wheelock ever was, and you simply learn by reading. Good, good stuff.

Rev. Josh Sullivan said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I will pursue this with gaudium. (But only if I declined that right).

Father Hollywood said...

I recommend the Lingua Latina: A College Companion by Jeanne Marie Neumann to accompany the text itself. It is outstanding! And if you are so inclined, and want to do all the exercises on your computer, I would invest in the CD-ROM. Other than that, you can really overlook all of the other accompanying texts IMO.