Friday, May 7, 2010

Try your own pastor. . .

I am going to cite (without him knowing it) another pastor in this Sunday's sermon. . . just a passing phrase he has that sparked my interest. And it will work well. If I had just said ___________ - eh. But if I quote another pastor. . . well gee, this must be good.

We don't respect our own as much. I can say something - eh. If you read the same thing in a book, it's an eye opening wonder. I can visit a congregation and just in passing over the Lenten dinner say something that their pastor has been saying till he's blue in the face for a decade. . . but when I say it. . . Oooooo, Ahhhhhhh.

There can be this. . . disdain of what our own congregation's pastor knows, what he says. It seems as though we put more value on what a person says the further away that person is from us. Try your own pastor. You know him - you've dealt with him - if he is faithful then you've seen him be wise and well versed in the Word. Chances are, he will be faithful now, and chances are if what he says isn't what you "want" it's probably what you need to hear.

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