Monday, June 21, 2010

12 and a half. . .

So, part of the reason why things have been so random here on this blog this morning is because I have finally decided that I need to update the Church's website. . . in particular the page with the sermons on it.

The software I have - Yahoo's sitebuilder - is the clunkiest thing ever. . . one of those programs where the letters appear around 2 seconds after you type. And then there is the uploading... which is going on now.

So I've been avoidant of if. Thus if life.

However, in looking at all my sermon recordings, I was struck with the regularity of the start time. There was only a range of around 3 or 4 minutes on when the sermons started. And the timing of service here is fairly consistent - generally a communion service will be right at 65-70 minutes, let's say 65 for the sake of argument at the moment. And that got me to thinking. . .

One of the complaints about the historic liturgy is that we just do the same thing, over and over again. Too often we let this statement sort of go unchallenged - so this morning I went through the Ordinaries - the things that we say and sing week in and week out.

It took 12 and a half minutes - 12 and a half blessed minutes where I didn't have to deal with Yahoo Sitebuilder. This wasn't me rushing through it - if anything I was taking more time than I would - and this is everything that is in the hymnal for DS3. 12.5 minutes out of 65 - or basically just less than 20%. Or in other words, even when one uses the Historic Liturgy, 80% of what goes on changes from week to week. 80%. That's not the same thing week in and week out - it's the same structure that let's us understand that 80%.

Oh, and as it is updating, if you want to hear my voice on the sermons you've seen on this blog, they can be found at

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