Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Coffee Pots and Theology

I just put the coffee on for this morning's Psalms study and was strangely comforted. I've been thinking about change a lot lately - my wife just graduated college, I graduated 10 years ago, got out of High School 15 - so there are markers for me to think very concretely about what has changed in the last decade, in the last 15 years. A lot has changed. Some for good, some for ill.

Then I looked at the coffee pot. It's the cheap Mr. Coffee 12 cup that I got for around $17 when I moved to the Sem a decade ago. And you know what? It's not out of date. There hasn't been a massive increase in coffee pot technology (at least for auto-drip) -- sure, you can get one of the awesome Espresso machines - but auto-drips are auto-drips. I have a gold filter, which makes some nice, nice coffee, but it's still the same thing. If I went to buy a new auto-drip pot, it would be pretty much the same piece of equipment.

I was amused at how I found this idea to be comforting this morning. Of course, this is one of the things that makes me glad to be a Lutheran - classically Lutheranism doesn't want doctrinal or theological changes. Sure, we can throw a new filter on for the day and the age, but the theology, the content, what we believe stays the same (or should). Even in the Reformation, we saw this - we were rejecting recent innovations, like Transubstantiation, or clergy celebacy - there was the constant appeal to how things used to be - and that is how they should stay.

Consistency is a good thing. A comforting thing. Just some thoughts this morning.

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