Friday, June 25, 2010

Hotel Room Theology

For your consideration, I present the following placard I found in my hotel room in Duncan, OK.

+ + + + +

Dear guests:

Every day millions of gallons of water are used to wash towels that have only been used once.


A towel on the rack means, "I will use again."
A towel on the floor means "Please exchange"

Please Decide For Yourself

Thank You for Helping Us Conserve the Earth's Vital Resources

+ + + + +

Note how this works. The crux of salvation, the place where the saving of the planet falls -> you. Your choice, your decision. By your works, whether you carelessly toss the towel on the ground, or whether you like a good person put the towel on the rack determines whether or not the vital resources of the earth will be abused! Decide!

Is this not the typical American approach to theology. Your own salvation depends upon you. . . if you decide, if you choose to follow Jesus like a good boy, then there is salvation. If you are a lazy layabout, then there is doom - doom!

It's so man-centric. As though whether or not I have a towel be washed is going to doom the planet. Ut-oh, we are only staying at this hotel a night - did we doom the planet, because everything is going to be washed! Oh wretches that my wife and I are!

We Americans are so arrogant, we have such an ego. We expect things to be about us. In this world, to an extent, perhaps, although we still overestimate our powers. Theologically, apart from Christ, as He tells us, we can do nothing. It is always about Him, what He has done, His love for us. Americans tend not to like this - we want to be the ones with power - power to change the government, power to change the world, power to purchase more and more - and ultimately, power to save ourselves.

But it is Christ who saves us. Ours is not to choose to come to Christ, ours is to receive the blessings He has showered upon us.

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