Monday, June 14, 2010

Not Quite the Hymn

Inspired by a discussion on worship.

"Man himself is present/ let us now appease him/ and with slick songs please him/ friendly stylish music/ see the crowds now gather/ this is what they'd rather/ like to hear/ in their ear/ for their Sunday chill time/ soothing sounds are so fine.

Now it's the Gen X'ers/ they want rocking music/ something that is "fresh, dope, and trip"/ thumpa, thumpa, thumpa/ hear the bass line driving/ mosh pits multiplying/ Holy grunge/ so much fun/ head bang now for Jesus/ man does this **** please us.

Then Chicago Folk mass/ see the grey haired hippie/ and the "peace-love" chicky/ did they light some incense?/ man it's kind of smokey/ and we've got the munchies/ flower child/ running wild/ trapsing down the aisle/ just another style.

What we do in worship/ doesn't really matter/ if it's God we're after/ anything will work here/ on a Sunday morning/ just don't make it boring/ if it's not/ relevant/ from my point of view/ then its day is through.

Oh, wait, that's not how it goes.


Rev. Josh Sullivan said...

Laughing out loud while rolling on the floor. This is hilarious. Did you go the LCMS songwriter's workshop?

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

No -- although I think I did submit one for the LSB (although the computer it was on crashed and died), and I did write one for here called "By Trial and Storm Surrounded".

And, for my funeral sermons, I always end with a verse for the deceased to "By All Your Saints in Warfare". One of these All Saints' Days we are going to have By All Your Saints be the communion hymn with however many verses we need.

Ted Badje said...

Now, I won't think of the hymn in the same way ;-). Good, pointed satire though.