Friday, July 2, 2010

Amid a day of toil and strife (draft)

(To some tune - 8787887)

Amid a day of toil and strife
Problems coming all around
God's Word remains and gives us life
The most wondrous, joyous sound.
We hear the Victory by Christ won
Crucified, Risen, God's True Son
Has changed the world forever.

The world will try to batter down
Oppress with trials vile,
And with all its fury and sound
present a picture dire.
Our problems seem to multiply
Loved plans and dreams crumble and die
And we are left despondent.

But we know this for what it is
A defeated Devil's try
To distract us from holy bliss
Found in Christ's most holy cry
"It is finished" sayeth the Lord
Forgiveness assured by that Word
His death defeating Satan.

Then on the Third day Christ arose
He would not stay in the tomb
He ground down under heel His foes
He strides forth to spell their doom
In His life our new life we see
For we share in His victory
Bound to Him in Baptism

And so we await in this world
The day when Christ shall return
With His banners glorious unfurled
To claim what His death has earned
We are the Lord's most precious prize
At His coming we too shall rise
And know life everlasting.

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