Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Round of Hotel Room Theology

Yes, once again, I am in a hotel room - this time sort of for business. My lovely wife is taking her RN certification, and as her loyal husband, I am playing her chauffeur and caretaker today, so that she need worry about nothing and merely study and prepare herself mentally for the test (which at the moment involves sleeping in - I did not marry a morning person). As such, here I am in a hotel room, gazing out upon Oklahoma City from the 8th story quite contentedly.

So, I am away from Church on a Monday morning. This is my normal, intense office work day - the day where I put my nose to the grindstone and get a sermon draft out, e-mails and updates and the things like that. And quite possibly, I'll still do that here. It is amazing to think of the tools we have been provided by God in modern technology. Here I sit, typing on a laptop, able to access multiple translations of the Scriptures, including the Greek, with access to 85% of the tools I would ever want sitting on my lap - and I haven't even really worried about being portable.

I know many folks are away from their parishes this week. Rejoice in the fact that you can still do some of your work and planning, that you can quickly and easily contact folks who need contacting, that God has made it so that your travels do not isolate and completely cut you off from your duties at home - and this holds true whether one is a Pastor, a parent, a friend - whatever. The fact that I can sit in a hotel room and go about my business is a wondrous thing.

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