Friday, July 16, 2010

Even Star Wars Gets It

You know, even Star Wars gets it. Part of the fall of Anakin Skywalker is this thought that only if he had done more and more he could have saved ______ - be it his mother, Padme, whoever. And this leads to impatience and an abandoning of right and wrong for the sake of the goal he desires.

In the latest Clone Wars book (yes, I'm a Star Wars nerd) he even says this straight out - and Obi-Wan has to smack him down - you rush in, you let your emotions take control, and Count Dooku lops off an arm.

When we become overly emotional about anything in the Church, when we become too concerned about what WE are going to do, we become impatient and stop looking at things in the light of the Scriptures. And that leads to the theological dark side.

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