Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Implication of Freedom

I find that many folks despise freedom. Freedom means that there are options - that you may do this or you may do that or even this third thing - and that all are fine. Act as you think to be fit. And if you are free to do something - how you use that freedom is okay (provided you don't use freedom as a pretext to sin). Freedom means that if it is not sinning, it's okay to do.

The problem is, we don't like having multiple options. How many of you like getting merely a participation ribbon? How many of you like having a game where you are simply free to play and no score is kept? Not many, I'd wager. And we do the same thing as regards our life - we want to know who is the best (and hope that it is us). We don't want to be content with the freedom God has given us, we want to know what is *best*.

Now, I'm not saying that we shouldn't strive to do what is best, that we shouldn't seek to be as loving as possible... but we are called to freedom. That means what some other sap thinks is best for him may very well be different than what you think... and that's okay. It means we aren't keeping score - it means that you answer isn't necessarily the *best* answer for everyone. And that's okay.

Freedom means other people get to do things you wouldn't - things you have no interest in doing - and yet they still please God in doing. Freedom means you don't have to plumb the hidden will of God and pretend you know things beyond Scripture (hmmm, does God really, really, really want me to hire this plumber...maybe I should pray and wait for the Holy Spirit to give me a sign). Just go. Be free.

Seriously. Go enjoy the options and opportunities God gives you. For Freedom Christ has set you free. Try your best. If God wants you going in a different way - He'll turn you. You don't have to try to out guess Him. You don't have to have everyone else do the same things as you, think the same things as you, pat you on the back for everything to validate you as the best - just go be free. Confess your sin, receive forgiveness, and enjoy the blessings God gives you.

Freedom is a good thing -- but it means that I don't get to elevate myself over my neighbor, I don't get to win over him, I don't get to prove that I'm better by having his acclaim. And that is distasteful to the sinful flesh which wants to dominate over others and take away their freedom. Thus is life in a sinful world.

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