Friday, July 16, 2010

Pastoral Practice - Fall 2003

I am going to admit something here once again - I didn't really take that many notes at the Sem. I'm just not that big of a note taker. I wouldn't have been the person to transcribe Luther's lectures or anything like that.

So, upon finding my 4th year note book, I didn't find tons of notes - I simply found what I wrote: Quotes from professors I thought to be amusing or insightful. Here are some of those quotes from my 4th Year "Pastoral Practice Forum" class taught by Dr. Timothy Quill. Here is the wisdom of the first three weeks of class. Enjoy and learn.

Day 1
- It's [the class's] purpose is to teach you to be as winsome as me.
- That's sort of like a famous Prof. here who never finishes his sentences.
- We need to talk about sermons. Since half of you are Psyc majors your sermons will sound like self-help stuff... we'll have to.
- That's what a lot of people think Pastoral Theology is. . .get a paperback and do it.
- It was amazing, I actually used dogmatics to bring comfort to someone.

- The best theologians will be pastors because your thinking goes on in the parish.
- In one sense we are thought of as professionals. We can read and write and have an education.
- Go to your Father Confessor. Don't go to your D. P. He doesn't have an altar, he shouldn't have a [confession seat - Bikkestool]. Oh great, I suppose that's on tape.
- (Speaking of being at a service in Africa) I couldn't understand any of it. "mumumum Hakunah Mutatah Hallelujah!" (Then turning to a student from Kenya) I bet I'm hurting you.

Day 3
- Anyone can say, "God Bless you," but the Pastor, it's his job.
- I can't believe that he'd [Dr. Scaer] say that [he doesn't care]. I know it. I've actually seen him in Pastoral Situations. It's amazing.
- Sunday morning is pastoral care, because that's when you shape people for the time when you only have 5 minutes.
- Every Sunday morning you are preparing people to die.
- It's a problem if you're in the ELCA and are in with the Anglicans who have Apostolic Succession in everything but doctrine.

Day 5 (Day 4 was a guest lecturer)
- People think, "Let's get Bishops back. Then all our problems will be solved." They will, unless your Bishop is a son of a Bishop.
- Too often pastors exercise authority that they don't have, like what kind of pipe organ they have. You have authority. That's Word, Sacrament, withholding Communion. That's enough to keep you busy.
- He likes to tell his testimony so he can vicariously relive his past.

Day 7 (No notes for Day 6 - maybe Quill was confused and we rested)
- I'm going to have Matt Harrison come. You should come. He's going to give you a book.
- If you are willing to go anywhere, you'll be much happier. If your wife isn't willing, you'll be miserable.
- I asked for Montana... then they sent me to Connecticut, the epitome of the wild west.
- It [sexual indiscretion] could happen to anyone. I just thank God that I haven't had a "Vavoom" secretary. Okay, I did for a while, but she wasn't my type.
- If you want to say "In the stead and by the command" on Sunday you better remember it during the week.
- Some of you will wimp out and we won't recognize you.
- I found out they were what you would call a liberal congregation.
- I had a gal so riled up that she had to go to the bathroom.
- (After he took a call) They ended up calling a real conservative guy that they got fooled on in the interview. I guess the Holy Spirit does work.
- You can fool the laity [into thinking you are liberal]. "I have a passion for the lost. I'm into missions."

Day 8
- The Christological nature of the Priesthood means God is talking to you [hearers of sermon]
- When you preach, always keep in mind you have real people there.
- (Quoting one of the Lithuanian students) He said, "I think they should give all female pastors the weekend off."
- The Church was frightened because the two previous guys were losers. I was just normal, so I looked really good.
- If you aren't clear that you should take the call, don't.
- I never told them what I wanted unless I knew it was going to win.

Day 9
- My dad still witnesses to people in the restaurants or hookers on the street.
- Then Billy Graham said the Missouri Synod was a sleeping giant... and we believed him. All we had to do was become Baptist.
- We've got a 1000 member Church and only two pastors. How can I visit them? I'll just get on the computer and find a youth program.
- (Speaking of a parish event) It was just a bunch of old men and guys who couldn't get dates.
- We had a fish fry. A lot of Catholics came and we got money from them.
- Oh, I'm not out of the loop - I could tell you things.


Rev. Josh Sullivan said...

wow. I should have gone to Fort Wayne. At CSL we had to read the paperback on leadership. We never had anyone speak that candidly about the connection between Sunday morning and the rest of the week. I'm going to copy some of these quotes and put them in my desk drawer at the Study.

scott said...

Quill definitely had some good (and funny) material. I thoroughly enjoyed the year I got to spend in Ft Wayne. Getting time in both sems is definitely the best of both worlds.

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

He came out and preached my ordination. Good stuff.

Rev. David M. Juhl said...

Dr. Quill preached at my first congregation for a mission emphasis Sunday. I'll never forget sitting with him on my front porch drinking bourbon on the rocks and watching thunderstorms. Good times. I should have him here in Momence one of these days.

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

You should! That's a short drive for him -- it took almost as long to get to the airport for his flights out here in Oklahoma!