Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So behind the times. . .

So, I was looking over at the the Star Wars: The Old Republic website (remember, when it comes out, we need to all get on the same server) and I saw something that, well, I just don't know. Apparently in their developer blog about sound they note "No Star Wars game would be complete without orchestral music, of course".

Now, if I were a well meaning proponent of Contemporary Worship and part of the hipster crowd, I would tell the folks at Bioware that orchestral music doesn't "resonate" with people today and isn't hip, and so therefore should be avoided.

Oh, wait. I don't believe that.

Why is it that Star Wars nerds realize that music conveys emotion and mood and that certain styles are appropriate but this is such a hard concept for many folks in theology?

You can see their actual video about the music in The Old Republic (which is AWESOME) Here

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