Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why Change?

Why change? This is a simple question - why should one change?

Don't get me wrong - there are good reasons to change. If you are unhealthy, it is good to change your diet and exercise patterns. If you are overspending, it is good to change your spending habits. Change is good *if it corrects a wrong*.

However, I find that often the rhetoric of change today is not involved with fixing something that is wrong or broken - but rather is someone egotistical and prideful. Sure, what we received might have worked then, but this is now, and the problems of now need new solutions and so we must change. This is an egotistical thought - it sets forth the the problems I face, my difficulties, are much greater than those that came before.

Or sometimes we want a change so that we can make our mark, leave an impact. Is this a good cause for change - to merely stroke our own ego so that future generations remember us?

Or maybe we want to make a change to attract other people. This too is Ego - I will draw people unto myself.

This is partially why change in the Church should be done with patience and care. Too often the sinful flesh and human Ego barge on in on the ideas for change and corrupt and twist them.

We see much change that this convention. In fact, everyone at convention wants some sort of change, most likely. Ask yourself - why change? Is it to fix something that needs to be fixed, or is it matter of pleasing your ego?

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