Friday, October 22, 2010

Beecroft, Tim and Betsy

Here is a video from Trinity - and our own Tim and Betsy Fleming (okay, so they are members at Grace, but they both were confirmed here at Zion) show up.


Kathy said...

I will never understand High Lutheranism (or whatever it's called).

Watching this video shows me that what you love is truly Catholic (and I mean Roman Catholic): the hymns, liturgy, incense, The Blessed Sacrament...

Is it just so ingrained in your psychie, that you can't even conceive of re-joining Jesus' real Church that you'll stubbornly stay away?

Pastor Brown, I know a conversion to the One, True Faith would hurt your profession as well as causing a rift with friends and family, but you owe it to yourself to look more deeply at the Roman Catholic Church.

Check out the Coming Home Network It's run by former Protestant pastors to help other pastors come into the Catholic Church with as little stress and heartache as possible.

All in love,
Your sister in Christ

Rev. Eric J Brown said...


To this I reply - I'll be ready and happy when Rome abandons her anti-Scriptural quirks and heresies to have visible union again. And this *is* what the Lutheran Reformation has always been - not about independence or freedom or anything that has been seen through a rationalist or American lens... simply this. Let the Gospel be preached without the dross that had been heaped upon it.

I too will give a link. In 1520 Luther wrote "The Babylonian Captivity of the Church". You can find it here -

Now, if you read that, you will see that Rome has progressed quite a way in the Reforms made at Trent. However, there still remains work to be done before fellowship can be restored.

That is our hope. I really think when Rome speaks with Lutherans, instead of beating around the bush we should just plow through the Smalcald Articles (found here - and the Anti-Lutheran Anathemas of Trent and see where we stand now after almost 500 years and figure where now we need to work.

And actually, it wouldn't "hurt" my profession if for some reason I were to go to Rome -- they are married priests, and I could collequize in. But, again, not yet. And when that day does come, God willing, it won't be just me but millions.

Until then, I am simply yet another voice speaking the Gospel, calling for the reform of the Church, a return to the life that Christ gives in His Word, apart from our works.

Thus is life in the sinful world. Come quickly Lord Jesus.