Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jesus. That's it.

One of the things that is interesting (and why good Lutheran blogs can be so popular across denominations) is that Lutherans like to focus upon Jesus. Note that - Jesus, period. In fact, that tends to be the Lutheran point - let all things find there resolution in Christ Jesus - Let Him be the Alpha and Omega, let Him be both Author (you know, Creator, Starter, Maker, Giver) of our faith as well as the Perfector (you know, Finisher, Completer, Fixer) of our faith as well.

People love Jesus. Okay, some don't, even amongst those who call themselves Christian, but by in large, Jesus is good.

People hate the period.

Sometimes we want a "Jesus, and". Jesus makes the good start, and then there is this little bit that I add. Or Jesus, and just hope the Father hasn't predestined you to eternal damnation simply to make a point of how powerful and awesome He is. Sometimes it is even Jesus, and maybe a little help from my friends with spare merit.

Or sometimes we want a "Jesus, now". Your sins were paid for by Jesus, now you can go and show love and please God. Jesus died for you, now how are you going to show love."

Sometimes it's a "Jesus, but". Yes, you are saved by the death of Jesus, but if you don't tithe or if you dance - you're off the boat.

Jesus. That's it. Let Christ be the answer, the center to the theological questions. Then you will be on topic.


Heresy simply is Greek for "choice". What you chose to add to Jesus IS your heresy.

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Chad Myers said...

The whole Catholic Church is the answer to the question, "OK, what does it mean to love Jesus?"

But let's look at scripture. What does scripture say about how we are saved?

By believing in Christ (Jn 3:16, Acts 16:31)
By repentance (Acts 2:38, 2 Pet 3:9)
By baptism (Jn 3:5, 1 Pet 3:21, Titus 3:5)
By the work of the Spirit (Jn 3:5, 2 Cor 3:6)
By declaring with our mouths (Lk 12:8, Rom 10:9)
By coming to a knowledge of the truth (1 Tim 2:4, Heb 10:26)
By works (Rom 2:6-7, James 2:24)
By gace (Acts 15:11, Eph 2:8)
By his blood (Rom 5:9, Heb 9:22)
By his righteousness (Rom 5:17, 2 Pet 1:1)
By his Cross (Eph 2:16, Col 2:14)

Rather than getting into a Protestant either/or discussion -- pitting faith vs. works or grace vs. justification, etc. The Catholic Church is all about both/and or all/and.

We don't try to boil it down to a single thing. Salvation is about all of these things. We can't possibly hope to get them all right, but we can and should try.

That's what it means to follow Jesus, to "love Jesus"

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