Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Other Side of the Lutheran Coin

Now, as a Lutheran I understand the depth of my sin - that every single thing I do, on account of my sin, is tainted and falls short.

There is the wondrous other side of the coin. On account of Christ, all the things I do in simply going about in my life, whether it is any of my vocations (or any vocation, this isn't a pastor thing), reading a good book, talking with friends, playing a game - all of these are good works. God Almighty beholds me, washed in the blood of the Lamb, and He says "Well done, good and faithful servant."

My good works are not defined by me. This is good. From my perspective, if I am honest, my works are never going to be good enough, never obtain the standards of perfection. My good works, though, are defined by Christ - for His Goodness is applied and given to me, covers me at all times and in all places.

I am a new creation in Christ. In all that I do, I am His Holy Saint, for His Blood covers me. This is not an excuse to sin, but rather makes my life more wondrous. If I am simply cooking a meal, I in reality am not simply cooking a meal - I am a Christian cooking a meal, doing good and God pleasing work that He has put in my life for me to do.

I don't have to try and find new and strange things in order to try to please God - I simply strive to live where He has placed me. Fight against sin, strive to show love - and remember that God covers all in Christ Jesus.

This is utterly freeing. This is joy that no one can take away (although fool that I am, I often look away).

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jim the lutheran said...

Thanks for a great reminder on vocation!