Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Relevance and Hipness - the False Heart of the Reformation

Today, when people want to change the Church, why do they wish to change? To make things "Relevant"? Or is it a desire to be trendy, to get with the times, to be "hip". Yes, I use the word "hip" on purpose precisely because it is not hip to the times to use "hip", which is my way of pointing out that our attempts to be hip are dated before they are begun.

Relevance and Hipness are the modern day bowls of red lentils for which pagan-loving Esaus will sell their birthright of the Gospel for.

If you wish to be happy fitting in with local culture (like Esau with his pagan wives) while your parents cry and you abandon the focus on the Messiah, do not be surprised when you are cut off, lost, and floundering spiritually, even amidst earthly splendor.

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