Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mike Baker Knocks it out of the Park

Over on his blog, Mike Baker is knocking it out of the Park when dealing with how pervasive the Law has become in American Christianity.

In a series of three posts he talks about how the following terms are nothing but law:

1 - Encouragement and Practical

2 - Principal, step, purpose, and love

3 - Have to, ought to, etc.

And, if this weren't enough, Geography Class, Islam, and the Gospel explains precisely why a Law centered religion ceases to be Christianity. (Todd and Jeff, if you are reading, this post by Mike ought to be a blog of the week - seriously - get it out there for people to see)

Wonderful, wonderful stuff, spot on and insightful, told by one who has experienced life in the belly of the beast.

This is why the wise listen to converts.

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Mike Baker said...

"Listen to converts... and learn from their horrible mistakes!" :P

If you like those posts, might I recommend a Golden Oldie from two years ago. It's a sketch I wrote that helps illustrate why Lutherans should stop trying to chase every fad and immulate every failing church system out there and just do the job that they are called to do. You can find it here: