Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Wedding Party

So, I was up in Wisconsin to do a wedding. It was not strictly a churchly wedding - it was in a barn, and I was there simply to officiate. It was not the worship service of a congregation (note to those who would wed in the Church - if you get married in the Sanctuary, it ain't YOUR service, it's the congregation's service - and therefore it meets the congregation's standards of behaviors and decorum), but still, rather nicely done. Two solos, which is a little long, but well done. Still, 25 minutes, went through the Agenda service, it was nice.

However, there was a small disaster. My friends got married on a Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving. Dinner was to be a catered Thanksgiving dinner (really sort of a neat idea). As the wedding wraps up, people are greeting the bride and groom, the bartender comes to me and says, "Okay, um, the caterers aren't here - they had thought the wedding was tomorrow. We're running to the store to get some party trays, and then we'll see what we can do." What we can do ended up being a whole bunch of pizzas.

And you know what - it was just fine. The Wedding Party's Attitude - ah well, we're hitched, our friends are celebrating with us, crackers, fruit, cheese, and pizza will do just fine. They also had apples and caramel and nuts - which I thought was quite spiffy.

When it comes to weddings - don't sweat the details. No, I didn't turn empty plates into a thanksgiving feast (which would have been highly Christological - but I'm only in His Office, not Him) - but difficulties arose, they were dealt with, life and joy still continued on, and folks enjoyed what they had.

What better example of how to endure life and enjoy the blessings God gives can there be?

And I got to make the Baptist Bride's eyes bulge a bit when I blessed the rings, making the sign of the cross. You thought going Lutheran as a compromise with your Roman Catholic Husband was leaning in your favor, especially as he comes from Oklahoma. Sucker! =o) Yeah, I'm blessing the both of you at "But Deliver Us From Evil" - if I'm gonna hitch you, I'm hitching you right =o)

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