Thursday, December 9, 2010

In this life there is much suckitude

In this life there is much suckitude. Thus sayeth one of my profs at the Sem. It was funny, he even wrote "suckitude" in Greek letters when we chuckled at the word. But it is true, there is much suckitude in this life.

Now, the problem comes in when we see the suckitude in another's life and think, "Oh, that's not that bad." It might be we thinking that things aren't that bad because:

1. We have it SO much worse.
2. It's about something we don't care much about.
3. We are focused on the blessings God still gives.

The first two are superfluous. When one part of the body hurts, the whole body hurts. The toe doesn't yell at the finger, "Oh, you got slammed down hard - well try getting stubbed, you pansy!" The elbow does not yell at the finger, "It's just a splinter you weenie!"

But what of that third - where we aren't dismissive of their pain, but we are simply focused on the glories God gives to us, even over and through and in spite of this.

The Gospel is not "your pain is foolish." The Gospel is not "your pain isn't that bad." The Gospel is "your pain is real, for it comes from sin - but Christ Jesus has defeated sin, and this pain too will pass because of Him."

In this life there is much suckitude. The world is dark, cold, and messy. Don't pretend that it isn't. Don't tell people that because of Jesus they shouldn't notice this. Even Christ weeps repeatedly while He is saving the world.

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