Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back from the Wilderness

Well, I'm back.

Celia and I left on Vacation after Church on the 20th - headed down to New Mexico to visit family and explore such. The only problem - I started spiking fevers on the 18th... and did so until the 25th (nasty virus!). It was a good vacation considering that I was up at 102 degrees for the first 6 days of it. Now I am feeling better. . . but just dragging.

it's an interesting contrast... physically the past week was just really, really draining. I am still recovering and will be probably for another week. Yet it was a really good mental break. But I am back, and perhaps more things will be coming in a bit here.

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Marke said...

Welcome back, Pastor. We've missed you. I hope you feel better, soon. It might help to stay indoors with the high red cedar pollen count.