Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Nothing is more wretched than self-righteousness, because it keeps one from repentance and because it makes one a harsh and cruel judge of the neighbor (who obviously isn't as righteous as you are).

And what does one gain from self-righteousness? Only delusional self-gratification that is always in danger of being shattered. A horrible thing... and yet, so common, so, so common.

Want proof. Ask someone why they don't bother attending Church.


Mike Baker said...

Oh yeah... that's wretched.

Where does "apathy" rank, though? In my own experience, it's easier to break through the hard defenses of self-righteousness with a little truth and plain reason.

...I find it really hard to get people to care when they have desensitized themselves to anything that has any depth to it.

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

It's hard to rank, so I won't. But I will give an observation.

Apathy is just a form of self-love. Rarely is it a total apathy where you care for nothing - normally it is just a disdain of your neighbor, or the vocations in which you serve the neighbor.