Sunday, April 3, 2011

The World's Freedom is Nothing But Slavery

So, the topic on ESPN's Outside the Lines this morning was about a woman's college basketball athlete who has declared herself to be a man, and is still playing on the women's team - when her (his would be the Politically Correct pronoun) time playing ball is done, then there will be a surgery (the horomone therapy associated with the surgery would violate NCAA eligibility).

The world would want to make this a discussion about freedom - see what this person is free to do - see the control, the self determination, the power *he* has.

I see slavery. Is it freedom to be overwhelmed with desires? Is it freedom to totally alter your body, endure years of surgery, in order to satisfy your passions?

And lest people think this is just some "homophobic rant" - this is the same slavery I see all over the place in the world.

It's the slavery that drives people to spend countless dollars on whatever pleasure or vice they "choose".

It's the slavery that drives people to countless cosmetic surgeries that are nothing but vanity (I'm think Hollywood style horror stories here).

It's the slavery that comes up whenever we see *any* passion, want, or desire, and let it dominate our life.

True freedom involves "self-control" - the freedom to look at your sinful flesh and tell it "no."

The freedom of the world, which delights in the passions of the flesh, is nothing but slavery.

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