Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Law We Love and the Law We Hate

As sinful human beings, there is Law that we love and there is Law that we hate.

We love the Law that does not directly apply to us, or that is easily applied to my life. Admonishments against homosexuality are easy for me... I'm not tempted that way. Be cheerful, show forth joy. Eh, I'm not a dour person, not so bad. And we want this preached, we want this proclaimed. We want this touted as the highest example of Christianity... because it most looks like us and what we are comfortable with.

But there is Law that we hate - that is the Law which we struggle with. Those places where, when the Law is proclaimed, we know that we don't measure up. This we despise. This we disdain. This we ignore. We write it off - we say the pastor preaching it is just being "mean" or "he's picking on people" or "he needs to get his own house in order."

Any excuse to ignore it, to stop up our ears and go "la la la la la la".

What Law pricks you? What law hits home, hits the mark, shows you your sin? Do not hate it - but rather meditate upon it. See your sinfulness, your wretchedness, your failures.

Then behold Christ Jesus, who knows those failures more than you, who knows them because He gladly and willingly bore them to the Cross so that you are forgiven in Him.

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