Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wisdom from a Certain Prof

Wisdom from a Certain Professor who shall remain nameless.... teaching a class on Christology.

"If you preach that John 3:16 is the Gospel in a nutshell, I'll be at the back of the Church with a sling shot aiming peanuts and walnuts at you."

"The Cross is no more a sign of the resurrection than an electric chair is a sign of hope, even if it is empty."

"Once you've had to live through 'God is dead' this Postmodern stuff is weak."

"Bach could put Soli Deo Gloria at the end of his works. I couldn't. Why blame God for your mistakes?"

"The present state of liturgics in the LCMS today is like a teenaged girl who has just discovered mascara."

"If the finite cannot bear the infinite why did the infinite go through the trouble of creating the finite, if He hates it so much?"

"These Liturgical Gurus should be taken out and shot. They are legalists and pietists."

"Is there anyway we can put people who say mass on fast forward?"

"I hate those guys in the choir. All they are are slowed down Charismatics. It's beautiful, but you don't know what it means."

"I know you are against kneeling in the Church because the Catholics do it, but you should get used to it. You'll be doing it forever."

"Look at the Word. If you look at the Word, you'll preach. If you don't, you'll tell stories and illustrations."

"As soon as you 'believe' in the Son of God like the Calvinists do, you make the crucifixion an adiaphora."

"Gentlemen, unless you preach the atonement, you haven't preached."


Anonymous said...

Ah.......... the man I've been to Spain, portugal, Italy and Egypt with on 3 different occassions

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

... and almost to Morocco as well... and almost a prison cell in Pisa....