Sunday, August 21, 2011

An Observation on Popularity

According to Blogger's Stats... the most popular posts I have are the ones on Contraception or the 3rd Use or Synodical Politics. As in, these are the ones that people actually click on to make sure they see everything.

Less popular are the ones about forgiveness and grace, about humility, about beating down your own sinful nature.

Give us a list, give us someone to clearly bash or villainize as wrong, and we will pay attention. Everything else is just sort of... boring, we think?

Now, apply this observation to a pastor who becomes determined to get more cash into his church, and you have basically every Church trend that has come down the pike in the past 50 years.


Thomas Lemke said...

I've had the same experience. My posts criticizing Messianic Judaism and talking about relationships are top-billing , but let's have none of this Law and Gospel stuff!

If I was looking for numbers, my counter has given me a clear picture of exactly what to write about, and it ain't Christ crucified, but rather tips, tricks, and gimmicks. Same deal applies with sermons, I would guess.

Mike Baker said...

...or, since few who visit your blog see any controversy in a clear presentation of the Gospel, there are fewer comments with reader critiques, questions, or challenges. So none of us feel the need to click on the post because we can read everything presented there on the main page and there are no comments to be revealed by hitting the link.

I think those stats are comment driven rather than content driven.