Thursday, August 11, 2011

What Constitutes Rest

So here I am on vacation - and an interesting thing happened yesterday. I slept through dinner. Seriously, my wife and I got up in the morning, his a museum, had a late lunch (1 pm here, so 3 pm back home), hit another museum, had a pint, and then headed back to the hotel. And my wife dozed, and then, at around 7 or so local, I decided to put my book down and doze... and I slept basically until 5:45 (or 7:45 home - a time I hardly ever sleep til).

There are many things that shape our rest. The Science museum was somewhat restful - for it stimulated the mind in fun ways. The walk downtown was restful - good weather, neat sites. Lunch at a neat place - very restful, with lovely food and a new beer that I hadn't tried (a dark rye). Seeing art can be restful - especially with the cool display on automobiles - I got to see a Tucker and a Silver Arrow. And capping the day with a pint of one of the best Bitters in the world, restful. And of course, rest.

This trip has been good for my body - for my mind - for my emotions. It has been restful and relaxing - the vacating of responsibilities and decision making (for others, at least) has been good.

But there is one other aspect of rest that is coming up - one that I long for. I'm going to get to hear a sermon this Sunday. I will be preached to. That is rest - not because I'll sleep, but because I will hear Christ proclaimed. I will receive the Supper. It will be a good, truly restful time.

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