Monday, October 10, 2011

What's Your Thing?

Everybody has their thing. You know - that theological axe they like to grind, that point they take, the thing that everything comes back around to. I know guys who have Lutheran Hymnody as their thing, or the liturgy, or rubrics, or being missional, or being relevant, or justification -- some of these are excellent, some don't impress me as much.

So - what's your thing? What is the thing that in your approach to theology that you keep coming back to - the angle you want to take, the thing you tend to harp on?

And what's mine?

It's hard to identify your own thing -- it doesn't stand out to you because... well, it's your thing. It's normal to you.

If I had to guess it would be one of three things:

1. Pointing out assumptions that aren't Scriptural. I tend to like to harp on what the Scriptures say, not what we assume them to say. But I don't know if that is quite it.

2. Finding the third option. I hate either/or statements that are false. I hate the swing from one heresy into another, so I guess I like breaking false dichtomies.

3. Why, not what. I don't care about what you say or do, I want to know why you do it -- I view why as the heart of the law, not what. It's out of the heart that wickedness comes - so why are you acting, what's your heart suckering you into doing.

I don't know - what's my thing?

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