Thursday, December 1, 2011

As a Note

I normally like to be a kind and gracious host. I normally like to let spirited discussions take place on my blog. I normally enjoy crossing swords with folks to sharpen my own positions.

Note the use of the word normally.

Now, I have an infant son. Now I am not getting normal sleep, and most likely shant for a long time. Now advent brings its own demands.

If you wish to comment and add to a discussion - you are more then welcome. If you wish to counter a point or ask me to defend it - you are more than welcome.

However, if you wish to:

1. Engage in anything approaching ad homimen styles of argumentation
2. Try to dictate to me how discussions on my blog should go
3. Engage in a lack of civility towards me or other commentors
4. Assert that I am not "Lutheran" enough
5. Just generally be inconsiderate

Well, in that case I suggest that you go write on your own blog to your heart's content, but leave my comments section alone. This is for your own good. My patience at the moment is a bit more thin, and so I find that I will probably very comfortably slide into a situation where I will decide to answer and respond to the above with pointed and humorous mockery.

Why? Well, it would discourage bad behavior, and I'd at least find it funny. It's not what I like to do (if I did, I would not have posted this warning), but you may find yourself the victim of biting stress relief that you would not have otherwise.

Be ye warned.

Assume that this will be in effect at least through Epiphany.

That is all.


Jay Hobson said...

Haha. Great post! God's blessings to you as you continue to discover how to best work within your newest vocation as father during this Advent season.

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

And God bless you as you continue to discover how to best work within your new vocations of pastor and husband this Advent season! =o)