Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Art of Theology

Here is a simple question.

Is Theology the art of studying the Scriptures to see what they say, or is theology the art of deriving truth from what the Scriptures have said?

There is a vast difference between the two.

The former has as its focus the Word of God, a focus on Christ and His redemption.

The later attempts to build constructs and how things should be on the basis of the Scriptures -- to fill in the frame work the Scriptures establish.

I hold to the former, and rarely do I trust the later.

Is it Scriptural and about Christ, or is it derivative and about... society, the world, order, how I think things should be if we wanted to really be Christ?

Is the person citing and living in the Scriptures, or are the talking about Scriptural principals and how you ought to live?

Is every focus upon seeing Christ and His love for me, or the the focus on making a world (or a Christian) Christ would "love to see"?

By its fruits you shall know a tree - and if the fruit is not Christ, is not pointing to His mercy and salvation, has it really come from Christ?

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Henning van Rensburg said...

Derivatives are like laxatives.